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A megawatt-class Enercon wind turbine supplies electricity to the grid while a small photovoltaic system powers a nearby lighthouse. (Aegean island of Bozcaada, in Turkey) Photo Gallery
[Photo of Megawatt Scale Grid-Connected Enercon Wind Turbine in front of Small PV power System for Lighthouse, on island of Bozcaada, Turkey.]

RER Renewable Energy Research is a consultancy focused on energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, primarily solar and wind energy. Its main activity is research on system-level topics, including system optimization, component and system characterisation, resource assessment, simulation, modelling, and data analysis. One of its specialties is the utilisation of renewable energy technologies in cold climates. In addition, RER develops course materials and provides training on a host of topics related to the growing field of renewable energy.

This web site is a repository of information, research findings, and resources related to renewable energy. You will find in excess of 40 publications derived from over a dozen years of research, an expanding bank of photographs available for your use, information about how we can help you, and other resources.